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A Community of Growing Opportunities

Watsonville is a California Central Coast community full of growing opportunities for individuals, families and growing businesses.

Watsonville, California is known the world over for its long and rich heritage as a center for agro-business. What many may not know is that Watsonville is a proving ground for entrepreneurs and businesses from all types of industries and emerging technologies. Its central location, nestled between the Monterey Bay and the Santa Cruz mountains, offers growing companies quick and easy highway access, while avoiding daily traffic snarls. Watsonville’s location is topped only by its ideal climate and the rustic, small town charm of a close-knit rural community. It’s no wonder many entrepreneurs and their families have come to Watsonville to find what they need most — growing opportunities.

Tila Guerrero - McDonald's Owner and Community Champion
Tila Guerrero – McDonald's Maven and Community Champion

The fast food giant is alive and well in Watsonville, thanks to the efforts of Tila Guerrero, franchisee owner of two McDonald’s locations in town. “We’re very pleased with our growth and sustained sales increases”, said Guerrero during a recent interview, “Watsonville is a wonderful community to work in and I am grateful to be able to give back.”

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Downtown Watsonville Revitalization – Landscaping Features

All of the landscaping features proposed are designed to filter storm-water and improve the water quality in our Sloughs, Rivers and Beaches plus this will lower the cost of new development in Watsonville.

Downtown Watsonville Revitalization – Bike Racks, Parklets, Better Lighting…

So many great choices. What do you want to see in these areas? Bike racks, crosswalk art, parklets, lighting options. Please chime in!

Downtown Watsonville Revitalization – Better Signage

Better signage will assist visitors in finding parking and other key areas of the downtown and we will make it easier and safer to cross in the crosswalks by widening the sidewalks creating a shorter cross of traffic.